About Me


This picture sums up my life – animals, long skirts, long hair, bush, and creativity.

I love smiles, especially those I have helped to show. I love children and how they look at the world so innocently and unfiltered. I love my family and my husband, and most of all I love my Lord and God, Jesus Christ.

I love change, travel, and people. After about 6 months of being somewhere, I get itchy to move and to change my life. I definitely got the travel bug from growing up in the third world country of Papua New Guinea and I proudly take on the name Third Culture Kid.

I now live in the United States with my handsome husband and am slowly adjusting to this new culture – but that doesn’t mean I don’t still learn things that flabbergast me.

Here is my life, my thoughts, and my heart on display for you. If I can encourage or cause a smile to pull the corners of your lips up then this is all worth it. In everything I do, I pray I would glorify God. It is a prayer that I fall short from every day, but get up and start again.

So here I am – brown hair, smiles, blue eyes, third culture kid, fluent in more than just English….


About AviMuMu

I'm a wife, a wanna be mom, and a nanny. I love the Lord, my husband, and my family and I love getting to meet new people and having deep meaningful conversations!

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